Our timeline so far

  • 11/7/2010 : Soil test paid for
  • 20/8/2010 : Tender appointment

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I'll post some inspiration pics, taken from displays that we just love.
We always come back to the same type of colours/themes.
One particular display that we really liked was at Officer in the Arena estate, Porter Davis have the Camberwell 29, the interior was all themed American Hamptons.
From the neutral wall colour to the wall paneling to the dark wood furniture, they got this one right.
We felt the style of home was right for us, and aim to style our new home the same.

You may be able to see the start of some other homes in our street here, all we have so far is a lot of nice green grass

Another visit to the block yesterday, and no evidence of any soil test as yet.
A few more site scrapes in our street, at this rate it looks like we'll be one of the last to move in.
Judging by how green everything is down there maybe we won't have any trouble growing a nice lawn.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

This is the home we have signed up to build

One day we arrived to find a fence

Hopefully we can add a house sometime soon.

We signed up with Porter Davis to build us the Ivanhoe 30.
We (or the bank) took possession of our land in May and will hopefully have a December site start, and will hopefully be finished by July 2011.
We have been inspired by their display homes, we just hope we have the finances (and tradesmen) to make our new home look half as awesome as their displays do.

Here is our block before fence

And standing in our driveway looking down our street